How to get the Bantam Train minion in Final Fantasy XIV

In Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3, a plethora of minions and mounts were added, and the Bantam Train was one of them. The Bantam Train is a small toy train minion that is extremely difficult to obtain. Here’s how to get the Bantam Train minion in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to Craft the Bantam Train in FFXIV

The Bantam Train is a level 90 master recipe for the gunsmith. To craft it, you will need to have purchased and learned the main X recipes for the gunsmith. Additionally, you will need a crafting rating of around 3700. This means at least the Pactmaker’s item level 590 crafting gear with fused materia. The recipe is listed below:

  • Sinister tackle
  • Ilmenite Ingot x2
  • Quartz rutile x2
  • Cristal Dynamis x4
  • Pile of Ice x3
  • Pile of dirt x3

The Bantam Train is also tradable and marketable, so it could be found on the Market Board. However, due to its difficulty to manufacture and rare materials, it will likely be very expensive for the foreseeable future.


How to Get Ominous Plating in FFXIV

A particularly difficult part to obtain from this recipe is the Sinister Plating. This material can only be obtained as rare loot from treasure chests found using Timeworn Ophiotauros Hide Cards and in The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon. As a rare drop, you will likely need to find multiple cards and there is only a small chance of getting this item. Ominous Plating is also negotiable and tradable, and can sometimes be found on the market for several million gil.

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