How to get the creepy scar in BIG Paintball! –Roblox

The long-awaited Halloween update has arrived in BIG Paintball! With this update comes the return of the Shattered Pack and even a limited edition gun, the Spooky Scar. For more on how to unlock this gun, keep reading the brief guide below.

How to unlock the Spooky Scar in BIG Paintball!

Technically, the Spooky Scar can be unlocked for free – unless you consider time to be money, then this might be the most expensive weapon in the whole experience! In order to unlock the Spooky Scar, players must complete the Halloween 2022 event by collecting a total of 5,000 tags before the end of October. Unfortunately, you read that right… 5,000 tags!

UPDATE: The number of required beacons has been reduced to 2500!


After you collect your last tag, you will automatically receive the Spooky Scar. While this gun doesn’t offer any game-changing bonuses in damage or TTK (time to kill), it does come with a pretty cool Halloween-themed kill effect that releases pumpkins and flying bats when a player is tagged!

As mentioned above, this event will likely end in late October or early November, so be sure to start grinding as soon as possible if you want to get this limited-time weapon. Trust us, you’ll need as much time as possible!

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