How to get the Error Marker in Find the Markers – Roblox

While Find the Markers might seem like just another treasure hunt-type experience, it actually offers quite a complex map, with more than a handful of hard-to-find secrets. With its small February 2022 update, Find the Markers added five more markers for players to discover, including the one we’ll cover in this brief guide, Error Marker.

Find the error marker in Find markers

Once you spawn in Find the Markers, put on your helmet, head to the Disheveled Neighborhood, and enter the house pictured below. If you find yourself turned around, remember where we found the hammer marker.

Inside this house is Markerplier, who sits at his computer in classic Markiplier style.

To find the Error Marker, approach Markerplier’s computer and adjust your camera so you can see its screen.


To turn on the computer, place your pointer on its keyboard and click it repeatedly. After a few seconds of clicking, the screen should turn blue and show an error – you can now reach the error marker! To do this, jump on the laptop and walk towards the screen. Doing so will automatically teleport you to the Error Room.

To claim the Error Marker and add it to your Markerdex, simply walk up and touch it. Doing so earns you the badge and pop-up pictured below!

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