How to get the Experiment badge in Roblox but every second you get +1 Jump Power – Roblox

Although only created in August 2022, Roblox But Every Second You Get +1 Jump Power is one of the largest and fastest growing experiences on the platform. Inside this experiment are a variety of badges, including the one we’ll cover in this brief guide, the Experiment badge. For more on how to get this badge, keep reading below.

How To Unlock The Experiment Badge In Roblox But Every Second You Get +1 Jump Power

In order to earn the Experience badge, we must first enter the Other Dimension. To do this, head to the location pictured below. If you already have the Limitless Void badge, remember where we found the transparent bridge – this location is to the right of that bridge.

When you stand here, you should be able to see a small fenced-in platform with two green sofas and a yellow rug below you – jump onto this platform. At the back of this platform should be a DO NOT ENTER sign with a small hatch. Go through this door to be teleported to the next area.

You should now be inside a small hallway with a sign hanging from the ceiling saying Dark World, a noob NPC sitting in a chair, and a pink button on the floor. Press this button to enter the other dimension.

Once here, return to the same place you were originally in the normal dimension – below you should be a similar platform you can jump onto.

Instead of walking through the trapdoor of this dimension, however, we’ll jump off the platform and land on the couch below. From there, proceed carefully towards the spike lamp. In front of you now should be a transparent wall – go through this wall and enter the room behind.

Inside this room is a display case with what looks like a rotting skeleton inside. Enter this skeleton to be teleported to the spawn point and earn the Experiment badge.

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