How to Get the Free Luxurious Snowflake Earrings Avatar Item in Livetopia – Roblox

It’s winter in Livetopia! Experience the magic of the season by spreading Christmas cheer and giving gifts to your best friends. There might even be something for you: the Luxurious Snowflake earrings! Keep reading below to find out more.

How to Unlock the Free Luxurious Snowflake Earrings Avatar Item in Livetopia

To earn the Luxurious Snowflake Earrings, players must receive an in-game gift from another player on their server and then offer a gift in return. Once you spawn in Livetopia, find any open land and build the house of your choice.

During the month of December, a Christmas tree will appear in front of your house as soon as you build it. Hanging from this tree should be a stocking with the words “Put a gift in me” written on it.

Now you will need help from another player. Invite a friend of yours to your server, use an alt account and join, or message the experience chat and ask someone to help you. To win the Luxurious Snowflake Earrings, another player must place a gift inside your stocking.


As soon as they place the gift, you should receive the popup below.

That’s all we can say about it! If you want to help another player and give them a present, simply approach the Christmas tree outside their house and press E to place a present in their sock. You should receive the pop-up below as confirmation.

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