How to Get the Gorilla Mount in FFXIV

How to Get the Gorilla Mount in FFXIV

In Final Fantasy XIV, you can be transported through the air and across land on a gigantic gorilla mount. This mount, whose official name is Ufiti, can only be obtained in a specific way. Here’s how to get the Gorilla mount in FFXIV

Get the Ufiti Horn in Final Fantasy XIV

The gorilla is summoned using the Ufiti horn. To get your very own Ufiti Horn, you need to trade 8,400 Skybuilders Scripts with the NPC Enie (Special) in the firmament. They are located at X:12, Y:14.1, near The Mattock.

Sky Builders scripts can be obtained by crafting unique items for Ishgardian Restoration or by gathering on expeditions in The Diadem. Ultimately, which way you choose depends on your levels of gathering and crafting. If you are a high-level crafter, it would be easier to go the crafting route. If your botanist or miner is higher level, head to The Diadem.

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It takes about 20-30 hours of gathering to generate 8,400 Skybuilders scripts, so it’s quite a large task. It also takes about a similar time to craft enough materials for the same amount.

The Ufiti Horn was previously available as a reward for 50 Verity Irregular Tomestones, during the Moogle Treasure Trove – The Hunt for Verity event. However, this ended on August 22 before the launch of patch 6.2. Ishgardian Restoration is now the only way to obtain Ufiti.

About the Ufiti Gorilla Mount

Ufiti was a FATE boss in The Diadem when that area was a combat zone. When The Diadem turned into a staging area, Ufiti was turned into a collectible mount. Unlike some mounts, Ufiti offers dozens of different ride styles and animations for every race and gender. You will see that Ufiti carries Lalafells and Miqo’te in a completely different way from Roegadyn and Hyur. Keep an eye out the next time you see the mount!

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