How to Get the Moment of Destruction Achievement in Genshin Impact

Moment of Destruction is a Genshin Impact Challenger: Series V Achievement that can be unlocked by defeating Signora without using Crimson Lotus Moths. It’s a fairly simple achievement to get as long as you carry a Pyro Applicator with you into battle.

How to defeat Signora without using Crimson Lotus Moths in Genshin Impact

La Signora’s weekly boss is located in the Tenshukaku in Inazuma City. Upon startup, the Harbinger will enter three phases. The first is his normal phase, which doesn’t have a particularly difficult attack sequence. When her HP drops to a certain point, she will be encased in ice.

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While La Signora is encased in ice, you can normally interact with the flying Crimson Lotus Moths to imbue your next attack with a heavy dose of Pyro, allowing you to quickly drain the boss’ shield. However, to get the achievement, you don’t have to pick up Crimson Lotus Moths. Instead, use a consistent Pyro applicator to get rid of the Ice Shield. It’s best to have a character that can apply Pyro quickly, like Klee and Yanfei. Characters like Bennett and Xiangling who have to wait between skill cooldowns can take too long because the shield is tough.

Once the ice is broken (without picking up any Crimson Lotus Moths), you must also defeat La Signora in her third phase before the Moment of Destruction achievement will reward you.

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