How to get the quest marker in Find the Markers – Roblox

While Find the Markers might seem like just another treasure hunt-type experience, it actually offers quite a complex map, with more than a handful of hard-to-find secrets. With its small Q update, Find the Markers added six more markers for players to discover, including the one we’ll cover in this brief guide, the Quest Marker.

Find a quest marker

Unlike all other markers in Find the Markers, the quest marker is not located in a designated location for each player. Instead, this marker is a traversal marker, meaning it moves between a handful of random spawn locations and can be found anywhere on the map. Its location can also change more than once per server, so be sure to keep an eye out as you explore.

We were able to find the quest marker hidden behind a cliff near the factory, but we also saw it near the pyramid and the mining cave.


Once you spot this adventurous marker, you’ll want to claim it ASAP! To add it to your Markerdex, just walk up and touch it. By doing so, you should receive the pop-up below.

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