How to get the random ingredient in Wacky Wizards – Roblox

Let’s go random! For those looking to add spontaneity to their Wacky Wizards Cauldron, the Random Ingredient may be just what you’re looking for. To find out how to unlock this ingredient, keep reading our brief guide below.

How to Unlock Random Ingredient in Wacky Wizards

Once you spawn in Wacky Wizards, head to the center of the map and locate the podium Pete is standing on. If you’re unfamiliar with Pete, we’ll make it up to you! Pete sells tons of old ingredients that were once available for collection, but can no longer be found on the map. When an ingredient is removed from the map, it becomes an inherited ingredient and is taken to Pete’s shop where players can then unlock it by purchasing it with gems. Every eight hours, players can purchase one of these random Legacy ingredients for 300 gems.

As you approach Pete, you should see a red question mark hovering over his head – that’s the random ingredient! Click on this ingredient to retrieve it.

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To add the random ingredient to your collection, simply teleport to your cauldron, throw the ingredient inside, and press the Spawn button to begin brewing. After only a few seconds, the random potion should appear.

Unlike other potions in Wacky Wizards, the random potion does not turn you into a specific thing or being. Instead, the random potion is just that, completely random! Each time you consume this potion, your Robloxian’s transformation will be different.

Random potion list

The list below shows all currently known random potions.

626 Random Random A totally random effect!
627 ??? ??? ???

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