How to get the Why. . . badge in Forgotten Memories – Roblox

Forgotten Memories continues to take the Roblox community by storm – with insane graphics and a fan-favorite premise in FNFAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s), it seems like nothing can slow this experience down. The use of badges, and in particular relatively difficult to decipher badges, such as the why, adds to its popularity. . . badge. In the brief guide below, we will see how to get this mysterious badge.

How to unlock the Why. . . badge in forgotten memories

In order to unlock the Why. . . badge, players must successfully survive nights one, two, and three. Despite the many rumors circulating within the community, this badge is earned after completing the third night, not during. After you finish the third night, surviving until 6 a.m., you should receive a document titled Non-Disclosure Contact Agreement. The actual content of this document has no relation to the why. . . badge; however, it is an interesting read that relates to the story of the experiment.


At the bottom of this document are two buttons, a green one that says Agree and a red that says Disagree. As expected, select the green button to continue the story. Selecting the red button, however, will end the game and prompt the player with the ominous text “You’re going to regret doing this.” After this text disappears, you should automatically win the Why . . . badge. That’s all we can say about it!

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