How to get to Sumeru Desert in Genshin Impact

Sumeru’s topography is neatly divided into two main areas: the rainforest region and the desert region. When you first enter the Land of Wisdom, you’ll be greeted by lush rainforests and trees that reach for the sky, but head west and you’ll encounter historic wonders, from sand dunes to the stony architecture, encompassing an immense desert expanse. . Here’s how you can start exploring the beautiful Sumeru Desert.

How to get to Sumeru desert area in Genshin Impact

To get to the desert, you must first head to the Sumeru Rainforest area via a path from The Chasm. Keep in mind that you must meet the following prerequisites to do this:


Once you’ve unlocked and illuminated the world map by interacting with various Statues of the Seven spread across the Rainforest area, head to Caravan Ribat to begin a short trek to Aaru Village. This small village is home to the first statue of the Seven in the desert. Interacting with him will illuminate the Netherland Setekh on the world map, making exploration much easier.

Alternatively, you can follow the Sumeru Archon Quest Chapter III: Act III – Dreams, Emptiness, Deception. In the second segment titled The Gaze From a Certain God, Alhaitham will lead you to the village of Aaru.

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