How to Get Travel Outfits in One Piece Odyssey

Pre-ordering the game often comes with nice rewards for loyal fans who invested in it before its release. One of those pre-order rewards was the One Piece Odyssey Travel Outfit Set, which features exciting costumes for your favorite characters. You probably want to know how to get Traveling Set outfits in One Piece Odyssey because it can make the gameplay even more engaging.

How to Get Travel Costumes in One Piece Odyssey

To get the Travel Set costumes in One Piece Odyssey, you need to have the full One Piece game and the Travel Outfit Set (each sold separately) or own the pre-ordered version of the game. All those Energy Apples, Excite Apples , berries, and golden jelly that come with this add-on are great, but the most enticing pre-order bonuses are the One Piece travel outfits for:

  • Chopper
  • Luffy
  • Nami
  • robin
  • Sanji
  • Usopp
  • Zoro

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How to get a travel outfit set from a One Piece Odyssey pre-order

You can only get these costumes for One Piece Odyssey characters from the pre-order version of the game, but that may change with the DLC. Here’s what to do if you pre-ordered the game and still can’t get the costumes.

  • Update One Piece Odyssey to the latest version.
  • Some bonuses may not yet be available.
  • The developers may decide to change the content without notice.
  • You may encounter a bug. In this case, contact Bandai Namco One Piece support.

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