How to Get Treasure Coordinates in Destiny 2

The Season of Plunder is off to a great start in Destiny 2 with the Guardian, Drifter, Eido, Misraaks, and Spider going on the hunt. Although Eramis has gathered a crew around her and sets out to find ancient treasures, the Light forces aren’t going to let her get away. Part of this quest involves an actual treasure hunt, with the Guardian having to find the coordinates of the treasure for additional loot.

Where to Find Treasure Coordinates in Destiny 2

Treasure coordinates are awarded upon completion of Strikes, Crucible matches, Gambit matches, Lost Sectors, and other activities. Completing said activities will reward anywhere in the vicinity of 15-40 treasure coordinates. However, Guardians can increase the drop rate of treasure coordinates by wearing Ketchkiller armor pieces. Each coin (excluding class items) grants an additional 5%, stacking to 20%.


Treasure coordinates are used during the expedition activity and will uncover an additional loot chest upon completion. Depending on the map fragments used, there will be different rewards like more glow, seasonal armor, and more. This is a great way to passively increase your loot as treasure coordinates are acquired while completing other activities and World Quests are part of the seasonal questline. As such, be sure to spend them!

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