How to hug a lion? – My realization Mane Man

How to hug a lion

To cuddle a lion in DogLife, you must encounter a lion in-game and use the cuddle option under the activity tab.

Meet a lion inside DogLife

  • Choose a life where you will live like a stray animal. Being wandering allows you to encounter various wild animals and increases your chances of encountering a lion. Roll until you find such a life or create a custom life using Top Dog.
  • Also try to choose a country from the tropical and sub-Saharan regions of the world. The best are Nigeria, Brazil, Ethiopia and Australia.

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  • After you start your life, look for a lion on your street. If you can’t find one, use the wander option and move to a new area.

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  • Keep aging and wander down a new street until you encounter a lion.

Cuddle with a lion

After meeting a lion, try to increase your respect and relationship factor. If you feel the lion is friendly and comfortable with you, use the hug option under the lion activity tab.

Remember that completing My Mane Man is entirely dependent on encountering a lion, which is quite random and difficult. So keep trying until you find your lucky lion.

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