How to Make Leek Soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can cook various unique recipes by collecting ingredients from different biomes. Leek soup is one of the recipes you need to make and it is rated as a one star entree. While some recipes require a lot of ingredients, others only require a few. Here’s how to make leek soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Leek Soup Recipe

Leek soup is a one-star recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which means it only needs one ingredient to make. To make the leek soup, you will need a piece of leek. This ingredient can be found in the Forgotten Lands biome. To unlock this biome, players must spend 15,000 Dreamlight. The Leek does not grow in the wild and can only be purchased from Goofy’s Stand in the Forgotten Lands biome. Players can purchase Leek for 464 Star Coins.


You can also buy Leek Seeds for 120 Star Coins. However, to get the Leek Seeds, you need to upgrade Goofy’s Stall. It is better to buy the seeds because it is much cheaper and you can plant and harvest this ingredient anywhere. Leek seeds sprout in an hour, and each harvest gives you a piece of the ingredient. Once you have the ingredient, head to a cooking station. Use a coal ore to prepare leek soup.

Potato and leek soup is another twist on this dish, and this recipe is a five-star appetizer. Players can consume Leek Soup to gain 414 Energy. You can also sell this dish for 370 Star Coins. If you don’t consume this meal, offer it to a companion, as it helps increase friendship levels with the character.

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