How to Make Turkey Beet Soup in Tower of Fantasy

To get the most out of the Aida Cafe event in Tower of Fantasy, you will need to know all the meal recipes and collect the ingredients for them. One of the most popular dishes is beetroot soup with turkey, so it will be great if you learn how to make it. Don’t make your guest wait for this specialty!

Aida Cafe Turkey Beet Soup Recipe and Ingredients


Where to find Turkey Beet Soup Ingredients in Tower of Fantasy

You can’t have turkey beet soup without the bird, so you’ll have to find one outdoors. To get the turkey, you’ll need to visit Hyenas’ base of operations in Astra. They’re in no mood to negotiate, so take them out and get some turkey. Refer to the map below for more information on the location of the hyenas.

Image via Imapp

These are all the ingredients you need for Turkey Beet Soup in Tower of Fantasy. This tasty stew will regenerate 20 satiety points, but more importantly, you have a great dish to serve to Aida Cafe customers! Of course, you need more recipes if you want to be successful.

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