How to pick up Riyaku in Project Slayers

How to pick up Riyaku in Project Slayers

Project Slayers is an anime-themed Demon Slayer Roblox game. Generally, his commands are easy to understand, such as LMB and RMB for melee attacks, or “F” to block incoming attacks.

However, when the player heads to Riyaku on a first quest, the game does not tell you how to pick her up to complete the quest. Come join us as we explain how to recover Riyaku in Project Slayers.

How to pick up Riyaku in Project Slayers?

In one of the game’s first quests, you’ll be sent to fight Zuko’s subordinates while carrying Riyaku, who is Somi’s little sister. While you’ve already proven yourself capable of fighting the subordinates, the game doesn’t explain how to do the second objective, which is to carry Riyaku.

Picking up Riyaku is completed using the “carry” function, which has its own hotkey. Although the default button for the “carry” function is “H”, you need to check the hotkeys menu if this button does not work.

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The hotkeys menu for Project Slayers is not in the default Roblox settings menu, but rather in the Project Slayers settings menu. To access this menu, press “M.” Then, press the gear icon to open the game settings. Here you will find the keyboard shortcuts for each function of Project Slayers.

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To edit a default keyboard shortcut, select “edit” and press the new key you want to replace the old keyboard shortcut with.

The “carry” function will also appear in other story quests, but you are now equipped to carry anything and everything.

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