How to play Apex Legends Shadow Royale LTM

Apex Legends Shadow Royale is a limited time mode usually released around Halloween time in the Fight or Fright event. Shadow royale is similar to normal battle royale mode in that there are teams of three and the last team standing wins. However, Shadow Royale has some scary twists that give players a unique way to play.

How does Shadow Royale work in Apex Legends?

Shadow Royale allows dead players to come back in shadow form. In shadow form, you can run faster, double jump, and wall run, transforming into a terrifying monster always chasing you. Teams are eliminated if all living members are killed, so as long as one player is alive there can be two teammates in shadow form.


Shadow Form Abilities in Apex Legends

While in shadow form, you lose your legend abilities and cannot use weapons, but you gain very powerful abilities. Besides the extremely fast moves and the classic Titanfall wall run, you can also perform a fast and devastating melee and play a key role in keeping your team in the game. Here are Shadow Form’s stats and abilities:

  • Health: 50
  • Melee damage: 50
  • Melee has a longer range and can instantly destroy doors
  • Can revive living teammates
  • Can ping items
  • Unlimited respawns (5 second cooldown after death)

Shadows have very low health, and each respawn is marked on the map for enemies with a red circle and visible distance indicator. Shadows will automatically respawn near their closest teammate in a safe location.

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