How to Play Pharah in Overwatch 2 – Character Guide

Pharah is the queen of the skies in Overwatch, armed with a rocket launcher and a desire for honor. She uses vertical space in maps, hovering above teams and dealing damage. With the advent of Overwatch 2, there have been a few changes to Pharah’s kit that alter her playstyle, which may be confusing for Overwatch 1 veterans. Here’s a guide on how to play Pharah in Overwatch 2.

Pharah Hero Guide for Overwatch 2

What is Pharah’s role in a team?

Image via Blizzard

Pharah is a damage character, giving her an increased movement burst and reload speed with each kill. His role in a team is to overwhelm the enemy with relentless rockets, creating a vertical threat that opponents need to worry about. She has an effective long-range rocket launcher and her projectiles deal a small area of ​​splash damage. His individual projectiles can also damage each other, dealing a maximum of 40 self damage. She’s most useful when she’s in the air, as she’s a moving target that can’t be taken down easily.

How is Pharah different in Overwatch 2?

In Overwatch 2, Pharah’s rockets deal more damage on a direct hit, but they do less splash damage. This kit change forces Pharah players to be more accurate with their shots, rather than shooting indiscriminately. In Overwatch 2, Pharah also starts reloading 0.25 seconds earlier when out of ammo. Finally, Pharah’s Concussive Blast ability deals 30 damage on a direct hit and inflicts greater knockback.


Pharah’s Abilities, Listed

Here are each of Pharah’s abilities, along with their purpose in battle.

  • jump throw
    • Quickly launches you upwards. After using this ability, players usually follow Hover Jets to stay in the air.
  • Explosion concussive
    • Fires an explosive blast that deals 30 damage and knocks enemies back. This ability is often used to create space in a team fight or to push enemies off the map. It can also be used with Jump Jet to launch itself into the air at an angle.
  • Stationary jets
    • Maintain this ability to hover in the air. When activating this ability, a fuel gauge will appear on the screen. If you exceed the capacity of the fuel gauge, Pharah will fall to the ground. Hover Jets are usually used in conjunction with Jump Jet to stay in the air without falling.
    • With the right tempo, you can alternate between Hover Jets and Jump Jet to stay in the air forever. Although there are videos demonstrating the correct timing, this skill can also be acquired gradually by playing the hero.
  • Role: Damage (Passive)
    • After getting a kill, Pharah receives a burst of increased movement and reload speed. This passive is universal for all Damage class characters.
  • Barrage (Ultimate)
    • This ultimate ability launches a continuous volley of rockets, but you cannot move during its duration. These rockets can also damage Pharah, so they should not be used at very close range.


Pharah’s Tricks and Tricks

After playing Pharah for a long time, you will learn some game tips. Here are some tips for new Pharah players.

  • In flight, use the environment to your advantage. Try using your Concussive Blast to launch yourself onto rooftops and discover sniper locations. As Pharah, the horizon line is your territory. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the areas you can and cannot access.
  • Your rockets have a delay between when you fire them and when they land. Pharah’s bullets work differently than hitscan characters like Cassidy and Soldier: 76, so you’ll need to learn how to predict enemy locations to land your shots.
  • As Pharah, do your best to never touch the ground for an extended period of time. When you’re on the ground, you’re a sitting duck and can be knocked out quickly. Practice timing his Hover Jets in the driving range and see how long you can stay in the air.
  • While hitscan characters like Widowmaker and Soldier: 76 are good at taking out Pharah, they aren’t unbeatable. Try to dive into enemy hitscans with your Concussive Blast ability, firing rockets before they have a chance to react. This strategy works especially well for characters that use a scope to aim, as they usually get distracted during combat.

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