How to Play Tabletturf Battle in Splatoon 3 – Tips & Strategies

Splatoon 3 offers plenty of ways to play and ink the turf. The most common will be Turf War and the other PvP game modes, as well as Salmon Run. But another way is the new Tabletturf Battle, the map version of Turf War. Since it’s new, you may need some help learning to play and master this delightful game in Splatoon 3.

Tips and tricks for the Tabletturf battle in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3’s Battle of Tableturf looks simple on the surface, but there’s great depth to the card game. Knowing when to play which card will take time and practice, but there are some general tips to keep in mind. We’ve prepared some tips and tricks below to help you in Splatoon 3’s Tabletturf battle.

Rush your opponent

One strategy we’ve found effective is to dash to your opponent’s side of the board as quickly as possible and set up a wall of your ink horizontally. This prevents them from having access to most of the board and then relying on using special attacks to make an opening. But don’t be overzealous and play your best cards right away.

Know the importance of low number cards

Cards with lower numbers may play less ink, but they are an important part of your deck. They are most important in the late game and when playing close to your opponent’s court. Cards with lower numbers will ink over where a card with a higher number is played, meaning you can claim contested squares. Second, when the board has less free space in the final game, you will be able to play smaller ink cards in hard to play places.


Save your special attacks

It can be tempting to launch a special attack and ink your opponent’s territory when you get them, but we recommend saving them. Save your special attacks for a big break or to thwart your opponent trying to break down a wall you put up.

Rotate your cards

It’s a feature that isn’t explained, but you can rotate your cards and change where they dock. This is important to ensure that you are effectively inking the turf and not leaving open spaces that you might not otherwise be able to fill. Take your time when playing a card, especially when space is limited, and place it in the most optimal position and direction.

Build a balanced deck with high and low cards

You want a well balanced and structured deck so you can play big ink cards early on and have smaller cards to fill in the gaps and small spots. Smaller cards are crucial because they can cancel your opponent’s cards when played at the same time, but also because they have a lower cost for special attacks.

Circle your special squares

To get Special Points and access your Special Attacks, you must completely surround your Special Squares. This includes all four sides and corners. One thing to keep in mind is that walls count when determining whether a special tile is surrounded. Sometimes it’s better to grab that special spot for later than inking more turf right now.

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