How to put furniture inside aquariums in Genshin Impact

With Shaded Clarity furniture, you can display fish inside your Serenitea pot, bringing your virtual home to life. You can place up to three ornamental fish in each tank, and they will swim happily. However, there is a way to further customize these aquariums. With precision and a secret camera trick, you can place any piece of furniture inside your Shaded Clarity aquarium. Here’s how to put furniture inside aquariums in Genshin Impact.

How do you place furniture in an aquarium in Genshin Impact?

In order to put furniture inside your aquarium, you must first place the Shaded Clarity tank inside your Serenitea pot. Then zoom in as much as you can in Edit Mode. Move your camera inside the aquarium and you should be able to see the floor clearly, as if the aquarium wasn’t there. Now place the desired furniture on the floor. The size of the furnishings doesn’t matter, as this trick ignores object collision.


You can move around freely in the cabinet, once you have selected it using this method. You can even zoom out and make fine adjustments to furniture, although if you deselect it you’ll have to zoom in on the floor to select it again. Using this trick, you can even stack furniture on top of other furniture, such as placing a lamp on a table or placing decorations on a counter. However, you cannot place companions or pets in the aquarium. Other than that, you can define almost any object inside the Shaded Clarity tank.

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