How to Quickly Complete the Battle Pass in Apex Legends Season 13

How to Quickly Complete the Battle Pass in Apex Legends Season 13

In Apex Legends, players can quickly rank up their Battle Pass to acquire unique Legend cosmetics, gun skins, and even Apex Coins. Each Seasonal Battle Pass upgrades to 110 tiers, and you’ll have plenty of time to earn enough XP to collect all the rewards. To progress through each level of the Battle Pass, players will need to accumulate 10 stars by completing various challenges and quests.

Similarly, earning 5000 XP automatically gives players a star, and you can track the total number of stars earned in the Challenges tab. Some challenges are long and reward players with up to 10 stars, while others can be completed quickly for fewer stars. Players will be able to complete daily and weekly challenges in Apex Legends to earn more stars to upgrade the battle pass.

How to complete daily and weekly challenges in Apex Legends?

Regularly completing Daily and Weekly Challenges is the key to leveling up the Battle Pass quickly in Apex Legends. Each day, players will have a few daily challenges to complete, and these challenges can be changed to Battle Royale or Arenas depending on your preference. You can track any of the challenges by simply right-clicking on it. All tracked challenges will be visible before entering a match, helping players quickly complete difficult challenges.


How to earn more XP in Apex Legends?

Ranked Matches

While players earn a good amount of XP in public matches, the XP in ranked matches is always higher. Players will automatically get more XP if they survive longer in a ranked match or place in the top 10 or higher. If you’re looking to complete the Battle Pass quickly, Battle Royales and Ranked Arenas are always great for earning more XP. Likewise, you will also get bonus XP for teaming up with friends in the same group!


Arena matches are quite different from Battle Royale, and here players are placed in a 3v3 team match. Matches that go beyond the Tie Breaker in Arenas will award more XP. Likewise, taking on players above your rank in Ranked Arenas will reward players with more XP if they manage to score a victory. There are many daily and weekly challenges that players can only complete in arenas, and we recommend starting with them first.

How to complete event quests in Apex Legends?

Events like the Awakening Collection event are an important part of Apex Legends, and now is the best time to complete quests and challenges to earn XP as well as free cosmetics. Usually these events last for two weeks, giving players plenty of time to grind the game for XP. During events, players will receive special store updates and an event tracker that shows the amount of XP needed to unlock cosmetic rewards.

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