How to Reinforce Engage Weapons in Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, you can fuel your emblem weapons with a special material. However, you will need to unlock several locations in the story before you can use the upgrade mechanic. Here’s everything you need to know to strengthen your Engage weapons.

How do I reinforce engage weapons in Fire Emblem Engage?

Engagement weapons are empowered with the augment function in Somniel’s ring chamber. To access the locked location, you will first need to complete Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom. After defeating the main story battle, simply return to the Sleepy hub to automatically unlock the cafe door. The augment option can then be accessed by interacting with the pedestal that is in the center of the Ring Chamber room. Before you can power up your Engage weapons, you will also need special items called Crystal and Bane. Crystals increase your weapon stats, while Bane changes his type of effectiveness against enemies. Upgrade Materials are obtained by completing Tempest Trials and Relay Trials.


Both Trial Challenges are located in the Fire Emblem Engage Tower of Trials gate, which first becomes available after Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring. In Relay Trials, you are tasked with completing multiple back-to-back battle maps. Relay Trials is the games co-op mode, so you’ll have to team up with another player to take on enemies. Completing both of these trials will earn you Crystal and Bane, which can be traded in Somniel’s Ring Chamber. Leveling up Trial Gear will increase your Engage Weapon stats, such as its strength and critical hit damage. While there is a capacity limit to the power of your Engage weapons, you can remove your augments at any time in the Ring Chamber to reset your stats.

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