How to Remove Stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the lack of wood strewn across the floor of Disney Dreamlight Valley, we have a solution for you. Tree stumps scattered around the Valor Forest biome can be removed and give you plenty of wood in the process. Here’s how you can do it.

How to Get Rid of Tree Stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get rid of tree stumps, you need to upgrade your shovel, and upgrading your shovel requires you to invite Anna from the Frozen Kingdom back to your village. The Frozen Kingdom costs 4000 Dreamlight to unlock. You will need to complete the Frozen Kingdom quests to calm all the nature spirits in order to invite Anna back to the village.


How to Complete Anna’s Quest A Frozen Invitation

Once Anna is back in your village, increase her friendship level to two. This will start his quest, An Icy Invitation. Follow these steps and you’ll have a new shovel in no time:

  • Follow Anna to the bridge in the Forest of Valor to see the tree stumps on your way.
  • Speak with Anne. She thinks she might have a book in her house that could give you both some ideas on how to improve your shovel and rid the forest of stumps.
  • You can find the book on a desk in the left corner as you enter Anna’s house.
  • Bring the book to Anna. It contains the recipe you need for your new shovel. Go collect:
    • 10 Softwoods
    • four hardwoods
    • Four iron ingots (crafted from 20 iron ore and four coal ore)
    • Three crafting pieces (crafted from six iron ingots)
  • Use them to craft the shovel blade. Then open your inventory, highlight the shovel blade, select it, and select use.
  • Congratulation! Your shovel is improved. Use it to remove the tree stumps blocking the bridge in the Forest of Valor, then talk to Anna.
  • While you’re here, you might as well complete the quest. The purpose of crossing the bridge was to check the ice cave for Elsa. Take a picture of it, then bring it back to Anna. Anna will give you a letter to send back to her sister with the photo.
  • Go find Elsa in the Frozen Kingdom. She also misses her sister, but she’s not ready to leave her kingdom just yet. Go tell Anna to complete the quest.

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