How To Rescue Hostages Without Enemies Firing Their Weapons – MW Campaign Guide

In the latest chapter of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign, Countdown, you infiltrate a building held by Al-Qatala terrorists in downtown Chicago. When the mission begins, Soap (you) and Price rappel down from the roof of the building and take out the enemies while hanging from the rope. This is where you can complete the Must be Wind achievement or trophy in Modern Warfare 2.

MW2 Countdown Guide – Rescue Hostages Without Enemies Firing Their Weapons – Must Be A Wind Trophy / Achievement

To earn the Must be Wind trophy, you must rescue hostages across three levels without enemies firing their weapons. There will be two enemies on the first floor that you need to secure. Take them out using your suppressed weapon before they get alerted and start shooting at you. We recommend that you stick to the reverse callout position you start with, Australian Callout. You can change the orientation to normal view, but enemies will easily detect you hanging outside the window.


Going forward, the second and third tiers will have four and five enemies respectively. Since there will be hostages among the AQ terrorists, be sure to identify the armed guards before firing so as not to accidentally kill civilians. The guards may get suspicious when they see a corpse inside, but they won’t shoot you until they see you. If they somehow spot you and fire a few shots, you can start over from the last checkpoint and try again to get the trophy.

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