How to Solve Earthphyte Puzzles in Tower of Fantasy

How to Solve Earthphyte Puzzles in Tower of Fantasy

As you travel through Aida in Tower of Fantasy, you will come across various puzzles. Often the solution is easy to determine, but a few can be difficult to find. This includes Earthphyte. This may lead you to ask yourself to complete Earthphyte in Tower of Fantasy.

What to do with Earthphyte in Tower of Fantasy

Earthphyte is a type of exploration point puzzle in Tower of Fantasy first found in Crown. These appear as leafy plants with a colored center. To solve them and claim your reward, you must find a bulb of the same color as the inside of the plant.


These colored orbs tend to be nearby, so you should search the area for them. You can find them at the same level or above and below the plant. Once you find the bulb, take it to the plant and throw it in the center. This will complete the puzzle and unlock the reward.

Solving Earthphyte puzzles usually rewards you with a black or gold core. They also count towards your exploration points in that region. It’s worth it, both for the rewards and for the completion.

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