How to Solve the ‘A God Awakens’ Puzzle in New World

After completing the Challenger the Pharaoh quest, players in the New World will receive the A God Awakens quest. This involves going up a series of levels with different symbols. Choosing the right symbol that will be on a left, middle, or right pedestal advances the player to the next level. Rather than pulling out a book and figuring it out yourself, use our handy cheat sheet below.

New World Walkthrough “A God Awakens”

We are not too concerned with the symbols because we are the base to select on each level. Click on the correct side and keep moving.

  • First level: Medium
  • Second level: medium
  • Third level: right
  • Fourth level: right
  • Fifth level: left
  • Sixth level: medium
  • Seventh level: left
  • Eight Level: Right
  • Ninth level: medium


With this sheet guiding you through the nine levels, Imhotep won’t even know what hit him. He’ll have to shell out these sweet rewards before he has time to finish his opening monologue at the start of the quest. Players can then head to the next quest, The Wild Huntress, and keep the main story rolling.

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