How to solve the Energy Extraction Device challenge in Chatrakam Cave in Genshin Impact

In Chatrakam Cave, located north of Sumeru City, you’ll find an enemy encampment with an energy-mining device that can be cast using control keys. Reference the image below to find the exact location of the challenge. Since the area is swarming with enemy Eremites, be sure to bring a battle-ready team.

Once there, you’ll find a mechanism called an Energy Extraction Device. The glowing yellow part at the top is a control key – you need to find two more to place on the red parts to the left and right of the ring.

Image by Professional Game Guides

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In this part, you must find the two missing control keys in order to stop the energy extraction device.

Location of the first control key

Image by Professional Game Guides


Location of the second control key

Image by Professional Game Guides

Assuming the energy extraction device is in front of you, turn left and climb the small mountain. Slide up the building, then jump in the small crevasse to reach another part of the building. Defeat the enemy Hermits on the path, then follow the path inside until you find a similar floating yellow object. Approach it to get the second control key.

After obtaining the two control keys, interact with the energy extraction device to start a battle segment. A small energy bar will appear above it. Your goal is to stand next to the device until the gauge above is full. If you are too far away or there are enemy disturbances, the gauge will stop filling up, so be sure to defeat any enemies that spawn and stand near the device afterwards. Once the gauge is full, the Energy Extraction Device will turn off, rewarding you with an Exquisite Chest.

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