How To Survive Build A Boat For Treasure Every Time

How To Survive Build A Boat For Treasure Every Time

It’s all in the name! Building a treasure boat in Roblox is all about creating the best ship to transport you safely down the river to open the giant treasure chest waiting at the end. However, this is not an easy task! There are multiple waves of obstacles to overcome that will test your ingenuity and creativity. Once you find the perfect method, you’ll survive this treasure every time! Here are a few ways to make it happen.

Build a boat for treasure tips and tricks

How to get more material

The best way to prepare to cross the dangerous waters of the river and get to this treasure is to get as many materials as possible. Some materials are more valuable than others and could make a difference in your survival. Here are some ways to get it more easily.


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Completing quests is one of the best ways to get some of the most valuable materials for free and earn gold in the process. Some of them can be a little tricky, but are worth it for the rewards, such as butter blocks, balloons, and more! They’re essential materials for pips and some of the best boat designs, and they’re a great way to get lots of gold quickly to buy other materials too.


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Codes are also a great way to get free materials or other rewards like gold, making it easier to get the parts you need for your ship. You can find these great Build A Boat codes right here on Pro Game Guides, updated regularly. They can get you some great items, such as the Firework, which is used for some of the best glitching.


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Another way to get materials is to buy chests. These chests are available for purchase with gold, which you can get by completing quests or clearing certain river stages. Although it may take a little time to save up, the various rarity chests contain many valuable materials that you will need for your journey downriver.

How to build a strong boat

The process of building your boat and designing your boat is perhaps the most crucial part when it comes to surviving to treasure. Many obstacles stand in the way; even some enemies will shoot lasers or throw other harmful objects at you. You will want to prepare your boat for any inconvenience.

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Make a solid base

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You will want a solid foundation for your boat design as this will keep your boat afloat even if you hit a rock or obstacle. Watch the strength of the blocks you use in the build menu. Using these stronger bricks around the edges of your boat is a great idea to protect yourself from any dangerous objects that could threaten your safety.

Buy more construction tools

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If you want the best boat design and foundation, consider upgrading your tools and adding to the collection. These tools will help you improve your constructions and allow you to construct your blueprints in finer detail. It could mean all the difference when it comes to floating down that dangerous path.

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How to avoid obstacles

The only way to reach the treasure chest at the end of the river is to avoid all obstacles and keep your character safe in your boat at all times. How are you gonna do this? By finding a way to have full control over your boat’s directions as you sail.

How to steer your boat

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Being able to steer your boat is crucial to avoiding obstacles on the river and surviving. That’s why your build will need a special seat that helps you do that, like the Pilot’s Chair. The pilot chair and a few similar materials will allow you to have special control of your boat, using the usual walking commands, like WASD or the arrows, to move the boat right and left or up and down. However, these are extremely rare items that might be difficult for beginners to obtain, so they might need to get a little trickier.

How to glitch steer

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If you don’t have the right elements to steer your boat, there are other ways to do it! Some very simple problems will make your boat easier to navigate and only require a few specific items, such as fireworks, hinges, or butter. Do not worry! These items can be obtained by completing quests or typing in some codes. Here is how to solve this steering problem:

  • Install a seat on your boat
  • Sit on the seat
  • Place a block of butter or a firework inside your character, sticking them
  • Jump from the seat (your character must not be able to move)
  • Steer the boat with the usual walk controls

If you follow this method correctly, you should have full control of your entire ship as if you were walking normally with your character. So when you see an obstacle, you can back up or go around it easily. This will help you get down the river without destroying your boat!

These are just a few tips and tricks to help you recover that giant treasure chest! Let us know if they worked for you or if you have any other tricks up your sleeve!

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