How to Unlock All Somniel Gates in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage has several important locations that must first be unlocked before you can access them. Here’s everything you need to know about each door in Somniel and what you need to do to unlock them.

When can you open doors to Somniel in Fire Emblem Engage?

Although you can explore the center of the castle at the start of the Fire Emblem Engage campaign, you will need to complete Chapter 4 before you can open the first set of Somniel doors. As you progress through the main story, you will eventually gain access to more doors that were initially locked in the opening chapters.


How to Unlock Arena in Fire Emblem Engage

The Fire Emblem Engage arena is unlocked after completing Chapter 4: A Land In Bloom. Once you have defeated the story campaign battle, return to Somniel to automatically unlock the location. The training room is inside the Café and can be accessed through the giant wooden door that is to the right of the music box in the restaurant.

What does the arena do in Fire Emblem Engage?

The Fire Emblem Engage Arena is a training room that is used to level up characters with simulated combat. The Sleepy slot also allows you to quickly max out your bond with emblems without having to participate in battles. By using bond shards to buy tiers, you can instantly max out your relationship with any ring hero you own. Because of this, you can inherit the skills needed to change character class. The Arena is the best way to farm Fire Emblem Engage Proficiency, and as such, it’s an important location you’ll want to visit often.

How to Unlock Tower of Trials in Fire Emblem Engage

The Tower of Trials becomes accessible for the first time after Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring. Just like the other hidden locations, you only need to return to the Sleepy Hub after completing the main story quest to automatically unlock the door. The Tower of Trials is at the southernmost point of the map and sits just below the Sanctuary Cave.

What does the Tower of Trials do in Fire Emblem Engage?

Tower of Trials is Fire Emblem Engage’s multiplayer mode, and it’s where you go if you want to play with other players. The room contains three modes: Tempest Trial, Relay Trial, and Outrealm Trial. Tempest Trial is offline and allows you to take on multiple consecutive battle maps. Relay Trial is the game’s cooperative mode, where you team up with another player to take on enemies. And finally, Outrealm allows you to take on another player’s army. Completing the Tempest and Relay Trials will reward you with special gear that can be used to augment and strengthen Emblem Engage weapons.


How to Unlock Stables in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage Stables unlock after completing Chapter 4: A Land In Bloom. The farm is located in the east wing of Somniel and can be quickly warped using the map’s fast travel points. Unlike the other locked locations, you can’t actually enter the stables as the door instead serves as a menu for your adopted pets. So once you’ve accessed the mechanic, head to the stable door and click on it to interact with the feature.

What do stables do in Fire Emblem Engage?

After defeating the battle in Chapter 4, you will have the option to adopt an animal. Before exiting the scene, head to the orange dots on your minimap to find a handful of animals. Once you agree to adopt a pet, it will automatically be sent to your stables in Somniel. You can now interact with the previously locked stable door, which will give you the option to choose which animals you want to bring out. Although not a major feature, you will start getting random items near your grazing animals.

How to Unlock Ring Chamber in Fire Emblem Engage

The Ring Chamber in Fire Emblem Engage unlocks for the first time after completing Chapter 4: A Land In Bloom. After recruiting Alfred to your team, return to Somniel to automatically access the room. The ring room is on the left side of the cafe and is located directly across from the arena door.

What does the Ring Chamber do in Fire Emblem Engage?

The Chamber of Rings is where you can access the Fire Emblem Engage gacha feature called “Bond Rings”. By using Bond Fragments, you can create additional rings that can be attached to your emblem to increase their stats. Each Bond Ring is randomly generated, so each item created has a chance of being extremely powerful. If you get enough duplicates, you can even merge them to unlock additional powers. The ring chamber also has a “Ring Polish” function that allows you to increase your bond level with your emblem. The mechanic is a mini-game where you clean your emblem rings with a cloth towel.


How to Use Shrine in Fire Emblem Engage

The mysterious Shrine of Somniel becomes accessible for the first time after completing Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom. To unlock it, all you need to do is return to the cave and interact with the pedestal after beating the story mission. An adorable animal spirit will then appear above the shrine to reveal one of Somniel’s cutest hidden features.

What does Sanctuary do in Fire Emblem Engage?

The Fire Emblem Engage Somniel Shrine is home to the spirit animal named Sommie. The adorable creature is the spiritual representation of the island, and it becomes your pet when visiting the hub. Interacting with the shrine will allow you to pet, feed, and dress Sommie. Doing these activities will increase his Happiness meter, which will reward you with Link Fragments. Another advantage of Sommie is that it will help you in activities such as physical training and fishing. If you make a mistake during these mini-games, the spirit animal will step in to help you and prevent you from failing.

What else can you do at Somniel in Fire Emblem Engage?

Although you have the majority of Somniel’s buildings unlocked by Chapter 7, the island has a few additional activities that become accessible later in the story. The Fire Emblem Engage fishing activity is unlocked after Chapter 8: The Kingdom Might, for example. And while the Hall of Records is mainly for updating your online profile, you can dress up your characters in different costumes and have photo shoots with them. For those looking to gain an edge in combat, Somniel offers cooking and physical training mini-games that reward you with temporary stat buffs. Ultimately, however,

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