How to unlock costumes in Cookie Run Kingdom

While Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Cookies cast is decked out in some of the hottest drops, putting on a different outfit can be a welcome change. The game features a variety of costumes, most of which relate to the Cookie’s personality, release season, theme, and more. These can be taken from a gacha suit, which is regularly updated with new suits to dress up your favorite cookies.

How to use the gacha suit in CRK

Head to the Gacha menu at the bottom of the screen, then select Costumes in the left corner to access the gacha costume. It costs x300 Rainbow Cubes per draw, a resource that is sometimes given out for free, but not at the same frequency as Crystals. Because of this, it is very difficult for free-to-players to regularly use this gacha.

You can buy Rainbow Cubes in the store with real money. The Rainbow Cube plan falls under the “Necessary” section, but it’s also sometimes included in limited plans.

Costume rarities are grouped by Epic, Rare, and Common. However, these have nothing to do with the rarity of the cookie. More elaborate costume designs are usually tagged under higher rarity. Costumes are sometimes offered on the upside with a higher probability of hitting, but they will eventually enter the normal pool after the event period ends.


How to get Rainbow Crystals to buy Epic Costumes in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Each time you draw duplicate costumes, you will get x1 Rainbow Crystal. Once you’ve collected 100, you can go to the Rainbow Crystal shop at the bottom left of the gacha suit screen to purchase any epic suit you want. All epic gacha pool costumes can be purchased from the Rainbow Crystal shop, so think you can consider this a damage system.

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