How to Unlock Fragment of Childhood Dreams Estate in Sumeru in Genshin Impact

The Fragment of Childhood Dreams is an area located vertically between the Vissudha Field and the Ashavan Kingdom. It’s strategically located underground in an area submerged in water, making it impossible to find without solving a few puzzles along the way.

Where is the Fragment of Childhood Dreams domain in Genshin Impact?

Before you begin, you must first unlock the teleport point west of the Vissudha Field Seven Statue. Once done, head to that teleport point and head east (based on the minimap compass, west if you’re facing the teleport point) to find a huge entrance leading to an underground cave.


Image by Professional Game Guides

Follow the path forward until you reach a clearing with the Dendro Monument puzzle that you previously solved when unlocking the teleport point. Head down the stairs to find a clearing filled with Ruin Sentinels. Defeat all enemies to unlock the mechanism in front of a circular door. Once done, interact with the mechanism to open the door and follow the path forward. Keep in mind that you will have to climb some small walls along the way, but there are no intersections, so just go forward.

Image by Professional Game Guides

Eventually, you’ll find yourself in an area with a Dendrograna shooting puzzle. Summon Dendrograna by interacting with the auspicious branch circled in the image above, then shoot the floating projectile. Two more projectiles will appear as a result – fire them with Dendrograna to complete the puzzle and get a Common Chest reward. The Estate will also come out of the ground. Make sure to interact with it once so it becomes a waypoint you can easily teleport to at any time!

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