How to Unlock New Biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an excellent simulation game available for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch that lets players experience the magical world of Dreamlight Valley. Team up with your favorite Disney characters to restore peace and harmony to the Village. There’s so much for you to do, from crafting and cooking to decorating your home and customizing your own avatar. As you complete exciting character quests, you can develop friendships and unlock new biomes to adventure.

If you open your Map menu, you can see the different Biomes around the world. Shaded areas are biomes that have not yet been unlocked. An evil void and nocturnal thorns block every entrance and will keep you out. By selecting the entrance, you can use your Dreamlight magic to unlock the path. However, to access these biomes, you must first restore the Pillar of Friendship in the Meadow and save enough Dreamlight to eliminate the evil Night Thorns. You’ll find the Pillar of Friendship and the Friendship Orb trapped in the meadow, northwest of Goofy’s Stall.

How to Repair the Pillar of Friendship

The Orb of Friendship must be placed in the Pillar to restore the Pillar of Friendship. This means that you have to free it from the nocturnal thorns that entangle it. You should receive a quest from Merlin called “Friendship is Everything”, which suggests that you need to develop three friendships up to level 5 to free the Orb. This can be done relatively quickly by giving characters gifts or completing quests for them.


Once you have three level 5 friendships, talk to Merlin and return to the pillar to find the Orb. The Friendship Orb will be released on the ground for you to grab. Then select the pillar and transfer the orb to it. This disperses all evil magic out of the Pillar and restores the Well to the center of the Meadow. You should now be able to walk to any of the various Biome entrances and use your Dreamlight to unlock them.

How to get Dreamlight

It costs around 1,000 Dreamlight to unlock each of the different biome entrances. You can find your Dreamlight total by opening your menu on the Dreamlight tab or by checking one of the locked entries. To earn more Dreamlight, complete any of the tasks listed in the different categories displayed in the Dreamlight menu. It can be any small task, whether it’s harvesting specific resources, giving a character a gift, or reaching a goal for the amount of fish caught. They don’t take long to complete and you can complete them as you work towards other quests or activities.

Once you’ve restored the Pillar of Friendship, you’re free to unlock the different biomes and explore new areas of the map, each with their own new mysteries and wonders. Start making new friends, and you’ll have the Pillar up in no time!

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