How to Unlock Runes in Soulstone Survivors

Soulstone Survivors offer the possibility of creating absolutely insane constructions and unleashing your destructive power on swarms of enemies. You have the choice between different characters, skills and upgrades from the skill tree, but also runes. Since you cannot equip runes at the start of the game, you might be wondering how to unlock runes in Soulstone Survivors.

How to Use Runes in Soulstone Survivors

Runes in Soulstone Survivors must first be unlocked by acquiring the ability to equip them through the skill tree. This is the highest yellow skill, which requires a large amount of Minor Soul Stones for the first unlock. You can add extra points, although it will start to require Major Soul Stones, to increase the number of runes you can equip.


Image by Professional Game Guides

Once you unlock the ability to equip runes, you can start unlocking runes. There are many runes to unlock, and each has a different method of obtaining it. Some may require reaching a certain prestige as a specific character, while others may require you to complete errands within a specific time limit. You can hover over Runes in the Rune tab to see its requirements.

To equip Runes, you must have enough Runic Power to contain it. You can also see the amount of runic power needed once you unlock that specific rune. It will take some time to unlock all runes in Soulstone Survivors, but they can provide a huge power boost to your builds.

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