How to Unlock Slepe Teleport in OSRS

On the coast of Morytania rests a sleepy village full of humans, vampires, and vyrewatch. Not really. Nearly everyone who resides here has been infected with the Sleep Plague and has fallen into deep, eternal rest. If you need to get to town for some reason, one of the quickest ways is through Slepe Teleport which allows you to teleport directly into Slepe. Here’s how you can unlock it.

Unlock Sleep Transport in OSRS

To teleport to Slepe, you’ll need to use a Sleepy Tablet on Drakan’s Medallion. You should receive the medallion after completing the A Taste of Hope quest. Once you get the medallion, you can enjoy unlimited teleportation to Ver Sinhaza, Darkmeyer, and Slepe after a Sleepy Tablet is used on it.


Sleep Tablets are harder to obtain than Drakan’s Medallion. Tablets are a rare drop that you have a 1 in 100 chance of receiving after defeating Phosani’s Nightmare. Phosani’s Nightmare is a pretty tough boss fight, so be sure to prepare yourself before heading into battle. If you end up dying or dropping items while trying to drop the tablet, stop at Lost to collect your lost items.

After getting both items, you will use the tablet on the medallion. This will consume the tablet but unlock teleport in Slepe.

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