How to Unlock the Fourth Ability Tree in Gotham Knights

In Gotham Knights, players can unlock unique abilities and skills for their favorite Bat Family characters. Each character has four different skill trees, with Knighthood being the latest. Unlocking these skills is a long process and can take some time as there are several challenges and missions that you need to complete with each character individually. Here’s how to unlock the fourth ability tree or Knighthood in Gotham Knights.

How to unlock the Knighthood skill tree in Gotham Knights?

After completing the first Night on Patrol, which can be considered the game’s tutorial, players return to Belfry. Three of the four skill trees will be available, while Knighthood, the fourth skill tree, is locked. To unlock Knighthood, players must complete Knighthood Challenges for each of the four protagonists – Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin. The following list shows the missions you will need to complete as part of the Knighthood Challenges.

  • Timed typing practice
    • Interact with the training dummy in the Belfry to access the training area and complete the timed strike training
  • A step ahead
    • Stop 10 crimes with premeditation by finding clues during your night patrol for violent activities that will take place the following night.
  • against all odds
    • Defeat 3 minibosses. They are tougher and stronger enemies, and you will often face the Regulator Shocker and the Mob Godmother.


Unlocking Knighthood also grants you the ability to cross the map with a special heroic travel ability. The four protagonists have different methods of heroic travel, and you must complete chivalry challenges with each of them to access these abilities. Visit the Challenges section of the Batcomputer to access your character’s chivalry challenges.

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