How to Unlock the Signature Ability for Every Weapon in Saints Row

Saints Row 2022 allows players to freely customize their characters, weapons, and vehicles. Customization options include custom mods, upgrades, signature traits, skins, and more. Here is a guide on how to unlock the signature ability for various weapons in Saints Row.

How to unlock a weapon’s signature ability in Saints Row 2022

Each weapon has a different unlockable signature ability in Saints Row. To learn more about this special feature for your favorite gun, you need to visit a friendly gun store. These shops are marked with a handgun icon on your map and are present in various locations.

Inside the store, interact with the store owner to view the list of available weapons. Scrolling through a weapon will display its stats, next to which there will be a signature ability section. It mentions what this special ability does and the unlock challenge, which must be done using this weapon.

For example, the KA-1 Kobra pistol has the signature “Aim High” ability that automatically reloads the magazine if you hit a headshot with the last bullets. Also keep in mind that once you unlock a weapon’s signature ability, you must first activate it from the weapon store to use it.


Signature ability unlocks for all Saints Row default weapons


  • Axe: Kill 15 enemies from behind with regular attacks.
  • Machete: Kill 30 Panteros with regular attacks.
  • Stun Staff: Stun 30 Marshall.
  • Crowbar: Stagger 250 idols.
  • Pickaxe: Kill five specialists with regular attacks.
  • Sledgehammer: Kill five specialists with heavy attacks.
  • Smelterville Slugger: Kill 25 specialists with heavy attacks.


  • KA-1 Kobra: Kill 20 enemies while rolling on top of a vehicle.
  • ElectroStun P1 200: Tase 30 enemies.
  • Handcannon .44: Shoot 24 tires from hostile Pantero vehicles.
  • MDI-39m Sixguns: Kill 30 Marshalls.
  • Idol Lite: Get 20 headshots.

machine gun

  • 1921 Johnson: Destroy 20 hostile enemy vehicles.
  • D4th Blossom: Fire 10,000 bullets.
  • Submachine Gun: Get 20 double Idol kills.
  • TEK Z-10: Get 20 double hits from Marshall.


  • K-8 Krukov: Kill 10 enemies with your last magazine.
  • .585 Safari Express: Get 10 kills from long range.
  • AR-55 Burst: Get five kills on your last magazine.


  • AS3 Ultimate: Get 10 triple kills
  • MDI-50 Tac: Kill a Gatling Gunner.
  • Police Rifle: Get 10 double shots
  • Stagecoach: Kill five Marshall Gunslingers.
  • Sawed: Kill 30 idols.

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