How to Use Enchanted Books in Minecraft

Enchanted books are a useful item in Minecraft for enchanting game items. So if you want to use an enchanted book, you will need to craft an anvil first. You can craft an anvil with three iron blocks and four iron ingot slots in the following order inside a crafting table.

Once done, just place it anywhere in your base, and then you can use it with enchanted books. To use the anvil with enchanted books, right-click the anvil and place the book you have on hand, such as plunder or tamper, in the first anvil slot.

Now find an item you want to use to create an enchanted item, and all you have to do next is spend a required amount of experience to enchant your item. Don’t worry about the experience you will need, as it will be much less as the enchanting items inside the anvil have a reduced cost.

You can also combine enchanted books with other books to create larger ones that can enchant items with multiple enchantments. To do this, simply place an enchantment book that you want to combine with another in the first slot, then in another. After that, it’s all about using CP points like with other items, and after enchanting your second book with the first, you’ll create a book with multiple enchantments.

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