Is level 90 worth it in Genshin Impact?

Is level 90 worth it in Genshin Impact?

Maxing out a character in Genshin Impact is extremely expensive, but it’s worth it depending on the character. While every character can benefit from the extra stats that level 90 can give, not every character is worth that extra grind. Damage dealing characters only gain a small amount of attack by leveling up, which is completely replaced by upgrading weapons and artifacts instead. Here’s everything players need to know about leveling characters to 90 in Genshin Impact.

Is it worth leveling characters to 90 in Genshin Impact?

The short answer is sometimes, and the long answer is that it depends. The characters that benefit most from leveling up to 90 in Genshin Impact are Anemo characters and anyone who needs extra defense or HP. While other characters that are upgraded will increase their HP, Defense, and Attack as well as their Ascension bonus, damage-dealing characters don’t need the extra attack so much. Characters like Arataki Itto, Noelle, and Hu Tao have limited ways to get HP and Defense stats with how Artifacts work and their stat distribution.

Why Anemo Characters Should Be Leveled Up In Genshin Impact

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Anemo characters are unique in that much of their damage output is based on their level and Elemental Mastery, or EM. The higher level an Anemo character is, the higher their base damage and crowd control abilities are. Whirlwind damage is only affected by character level and how much EM they have, making attack and crit stats pretty useless for most Anemo characters. Low level characters also lack the ability to stun or properly lift enemies with their attacks. Leveling Anemo characters to 90 is the most effective way to increase their damage and overall support abilities for the whole team.

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Why Weapons Should Be Leveled To 90 In Genshin Impact

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The base attack of each weapon in Genshin Impact greatly increases the damage dealt by a character. Weapons, along with character level, are the easiest ways to increase a character’s attack and are further built with the Feather artifact and Attack and Percentage stats and sub-stats. offensive. When upgrading a character to 90, the amount of attack gained is extremely low compared to upgrading a weapon to 90 instead. The weapon’s sub-stat also increases when it is upgraded, giving characters more incentive to do so.

Why Leveling Def/HP Characters Is Worth It In Genshin Impact

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While many characters don’t benefit much from level 90, defense and HP scaling characters do. This is due to these two stats being more difficult to raise or requiring players to perform very well on their Artifact’s sub-stats. Defense and HP increase much more than base attack when leveling up, increasing character survivability and giving characters like Hu Tao or Itto more damage.

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