Is the Joker in Gotham Knights?

Playing Gotham Knights but curious to see the Dark Knight’s greatest enemy and rival? Well, we have good news and bad news. Here’s what we know about the Joker in Gotham Knights.

Where is the Joker in Gotham Knights?

The truth is, the Joker isn’t in Gotham Knights, but his influence can be seen as you play. Unlike Rocksteady’s Arkham series, the Joker is actually still alive in the Gotham Knights verse. However, according to Robin, the Joker left Gotham after his iconic encounter with Jason Todd, resulting in Todd’s death. It’s just one of many subtle Joker references that are riddled throughout Gotham Knights.


While not directly related to the Joker, when you first meet Harley Quinn in the story, you are shown Harley’s pseudo-rehab in progress. You see her behind bars, but she has set up the place to her liking and even does some sort of intelligence work. There are even nods to his work for a covert special government unit, the Suicide Squad. However, the team is never named directly.

A Gotham without the Joker?

While it’s true that Joker never makes an appearance, many of the Dark Knight’s most famous friends and foes are present within Gotham Knights. Although he will be missed, we may get to see him in all his crazy glory in a potential sequel.

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