Is the TFT Pass worth buying?

If you regularly play Teamfight Tactics, you might consider purchasing the game’s battle pass. The TFT Pass contains over 40 tiers, which can be unlocked by completing challenges. There are also three additional emote rewards for anyone who completes the Pass and still wants to earn more XP. Come join us as we explain why the TFT Pass is worth buying.

Is the TFT Battle Pass worth it?

The TFT Pass is worth buying, as long as you are willing to play by the rules of the pass. Although the Pass gives you Pass XP for just playing games, the best way to get XP is by completing challenges. Completing these missions earns you between 200 and 800 XP, depending on the difficulty of the mission. However, mission objectives are incredibly specific and can rarely be achieved by accident.

If you’re aspiring to complete the entire Pass, there will be multiple times where you’ll need to choose a challenging team comp over a fun team comp. There are also some challenges where you have to survive late in the game to complete them, and that can be frustrating. These objectives force you to do whatever you can to complete them, limiting your mechanical freedom in exchange for rewards.


However, the rewards of the TFT Pass are quite impressive, especially for its reasonable price of 1295 RP. With the Pass, you can receive four Arenas, 10+ Tacticians, Star Shards, Booms, and Emotes, all for just over $10. Once you purchase the Pass, you instantly get an Arena and a Tactician, without any rectification. If you plan to play a significant amount of TFT games, the Pass is worth buying, as long as you’re willing to go all out for challenges.

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