Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Draft Guide

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is a Magic: The Gathering set that combines Japanese myths, cyberpunk towns, and ninjas. It brings back several mechanics such as Ninjutsu, Channeling, and Sagas, while introducing the reconfiguration and modification mechanics for the first time. When writing Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, having a vision for your deck is crucial. Whether you want to focus on fast ninja attacks or mana ramping with Sagas, it’s best to have a theme in mind before drafting. Join us as we break down the mechanics and strategies of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, helping you draft with confidence.

How to Draft Kamigawa Neon Dynasty

New mechanics

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There are two new mechanics released in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, including Reconfigure and Modify. Cards with the reconfigure mechanic start out as creatures, but they can be attached to other creatures like equipment. Each Reconfigure card provides bonuses to its equipped host, such as Lifelink, Menace, or Flying. As long as they are attached to another creature, these Reconfiguration cards are not considered creatures. Webspinner Cuff and Blade of the Oni are examples of Reconfigure cards.

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The other new mechanic in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is modification. A modified creature is a creature with an equipment, enchantment, or counter. Modify is less of an active mechanic and more of a passive bonus. The Western Tree Kodama card gives the Trample keyword to all modified creatures, while Upriser Renegade gets +2/+0 for each other modified creature you control. By distributing counters to your creatures and using Reconfiguration cards as equipment, you can make the most of the modification mechanic.

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Back mechanics

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The three feedback mechanics are Ninjutsu, Channel, and Saga. Ninjutsu is a sneaky mechanic that allows you to swap creatures during combat, at a small mana cost. Channel cards can either be cast at their normal cost, or they can be channeled and discarded to provide a unique effect. Sagas are three-part enchantments that turn into a creature at the start of their third turn.


Best Draft White Cards

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Spirited Companion, Intercessor’s Arrest, and Selfless Samurai are three inexpensive yet powerful cards. The Spirited Companion may only be a 1/1 creature, but it also lets you draw a card, making this adorable dog a great choice for your deck. Intercessor’s Arrest is similar to the Pacify white card, although it also prevents the permanent from equipping vehicles. Despite its higher mana cost, this card is excellent against other Kamigawa decks, as your draft opponents will most likely be playing one or more vehicles.

Selfless Samurai looks like the Eiganjo Exemplar card, but it’s 2/2 and grants Lifelink. As a bonus, you can sacrifice this samurai to make another creature indestructible for one turn. This card is a great way to stockpile your life early in the game, especially if the opponent is running out of blockers. Considering that Eiganjo Exemplar and Selfless Samurai have a mana cost of two, Selfless Samurai definitely gets more bang for your buck.

Best blue cards in the draft

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Moon-Circuit Hacker, The Modern Age, and Moonsnare Specialist are three cards that will help elevate your drafting game. With both Ninjutsu cards, you can substitute stronger creatures for extra damage during combat. With The Modern Age Saga, you can cycle through your deck and spawn a flying creature after two turns. If you spot any of these three cards in draft, be sure to choose them for your deck, as they are some of the strongest creatures for their mana cost. If you want to test these cards before drafting, try playing the Stealthy Subterfuge Starter Deck in MTG Arena. This deck contains both Moon-Circuit Hacker and Moonsnare Specialist, so you can see if you like their playstyle before committing to the cards.

Best Draft Black Cards

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Okiba Reckoner Raid, Twisted Embrace, and Virus Beetle are three cards that can help you phase out your opponent. Okiba Reckoner Raid is a cheap and effective saga, plus it turns into a 2/2 creature that gives Menace to your vehicles. Twisted Embrace destroys a creature or planeswalker, altering one of your creatures in the process. If you attach Twisting Embrace to a creature, it gets +1/+1, which is a nice bonus. Virus Beetle is an inexpensive creature that narrows your opponent’s options, putting pressure on them in the early game.


Best red cards in the repechage

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Kami’s Flare, Voltage Surge, and Experimental Synthesizer are three cards that are surprisingly cheap but have excellent utility. Kami’s Flare is an instant removal spell that deals three damage to a creature or planeswalker. However, if you control a modified creature, you also deal two direct damage to the opponent.

At one mana, Voltage Surge is a wonderful suppression spell that has the potential to deal four damage to a creature or planeswalker. Even if you don’t choose to sacrifice an artifact, the two damage alone makes this spell a great addition to your deck. The Experimental Synthesizer is an inexpensive artifact that generates a 2/2 Samurai token with vigilance for three mana. If left unchecked, this artifact can constantly overwhelm your opponent.

Best green cards in the draft

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Tales of Master Seshiro, Master’s Rebuke, and Fade into Antiquity are three cards with impressive benefits. Tales of Master Seshiro puts +1/+1 counters on your creatures, giving them vigilance until end of turn. After two turns, it transforms into a 5/5 creature with vigilance and haste. Five mana for a 5/5 creature is already a decent cost, but the two free +1/+1 counters make this Saga worth adding to your deck. Fade into Antiquity is a simple removal spell that exiles a targeted artifact or enchantment. For three mana, there’s no reason to let this card go through draft.

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