List of levels of the best multiverse characters

List of levels of the best multiverse characters

Multiversus has some of the most iconic characters from the Warner Bros. catalog. But in a fighting game like this, players should pay close attention to character movements, not the popularity of their corresponding franchises.

Our guide will list all the best Multiversus characters as a tier list. You’ll learn about their strongest moves, as well as their potential weaknesses.

S-tier characters

insect rabbit

  • Type : Mage, Distance.
  • Unlock: 2,000 gold coins.

The Wascally Wabbit is just as infuriating in Multiversus as it is in The WB cartoons. He can hit hard, heal his allies, and play mind games with his opponents.

His Swing Batta Batta! the offense literally hits opponents with an upward motion of a baseball bat. He can also heal himself using his Pie Barrage! among the allies. If a pie hits an enemy, they will be slowed instead.

His special is Bunny Burrow, which allows him to tunnel underground (making him immune to damage). Opponents can’t do much about it, and he can jump up to hit them with a surprise attack.


  • Type : Cogneur.
  • Unlock: 2,000 gold coins.

Although Batman is considered a brutal choice, there is actually a strategy that can improve your overall game.

His Batarang attack can be a boon when timed correctly, with returning projectiles that reduce your cooldowns. You can rack up a lot of damage and apply many stacks of weakened status effects to enemies by using your Batarangs well.

If you’re in trouble, you can drop a smoke bomb to envelop your allies and make yourself immune to attacks. If an opponent enters the smoke zone, they will be slowed down.

A-level characters


  • Type : Cogneur.
  • Unlock: 1,500 gold coins.

Shaggy may not look like the strongest character in the game, but he definitely packs a punch.

Its most brutal attack is Power Stomp, a charged strike that can shatter your opponents armor. In a similar aerial attack, Shaggy clenches his fists and knocks an opponent to the ground.

If you really want to see insanely high damage numbers, check out his Zoinks! move that expels pent-up rage in a devastating attack.

Unfortunately, Shaggy is too monotonous to be S-level.

Jacques the dog

  • Type : Cogneur.
  • Unlock: 2,000 gold coins.

Most players rely on Jake’s side air attack, which is effective but quickly becomes boring for both player and opponent. Don’t overlook this bright yellow dog, though. He’s not just a one trick pony.

Where’s my half moon? is a fun trick you can use to annoy your opponents by jumping over their heads with a skateboard. Give it a try, because it’s one of the coolest things you can do in Multiversus.

As for his best move, it is undoubtedly Rubber Stomach, which allows Jake to literally swallow opponents and fire them like projectiles at other enemies.

B-level list

Finn the human

  • Genre : Assassin.
  • Unlock: 2,000 gold coins.

Finn is often cited as the best or most powerful character in Multiversus.

He has a lot of upside, which makes him one of the best characters in Multiversus, but put him up against a solid Batman or Bugs Bunny player, and you can suddenly see all of his flaws.

Still, Finn is a very fun character and probably the most beginner-friendly on the list. Use his Power Stomp move for a few AoE shenanigans, or go for his Backpack Attack, which is a favorite of many Finnish players.

Harley Quinn

  • Genre : Assassin.
  • Unlock: 2,000 gold coins.

Harley Quinn is a combo queen!

This means that she is very fast, but mastering her movements can be very difficult. This is why Harley is one of the least beginner-friendly characters in Multiversus.

Once you master her Slider combo or one of her specialties, such as Stuffie Bat or Jerk-in-the-Box, she can easily become your personal S-level character. But getting there will take time and lots of practice. .

Tom and Jerry

  • Type : Mage, Distance.
  • Unlock: 2,000 gold coins.

Tom and Jerry is another case of “big, hard-to-master moves.” But once you know their attacks, you just might find yourself their biggest fan.

For example, the infamous loaded Paddle-Paddle-Paddle comeback can be absolutely overwhelming for an opponent who can’t find a way to break the cycle.

Also try Tom’s special tennis racket or a fishing lure to deal with big enemies, like Iron Giant.

There are plenty of other great moves you can practice with, but just like Harley Quinn, it won’t be easy.

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