List of Splatoon 3 emotes

In many competitive games, one of the most popular aspects is usually the emotes. Players love to make a big play or pull off a win and add their own custom style to their triumph. This is true for Splatoon 3, which features its own unique emotes that players can unlock and equip to add style points at the end of matches. Below is a list of all emotes in Splatoon 3 so you can find the perfect emote for your style.

List of Splatoon 3 emotes

Splatoon 3 Flip Out Emote

The Flip Out emote in Splatoon 3 is the basic emote that players have when they start playing the game. Although it is only one emote, it is also the most unique emote of the game as it is actually 11 different emotes which are each tied to a different type of weapon in the game. This allows newbie players to have their own unique emote depending on the weapon they have completed the game, making it a fantastic starting emote.

Splatoon 3 Card Shark Emote

The Card Shark emote should also be listed separately as it is the only emote unlocked through gameplay. Specifically, this emote is available to all players and can be unlocked by reaching level 30 in Tableturf Battle, the own version of Splatoon 3 card game.


Splatoon 3 Drizzle Season 2022 Emotes

  • The Lowdown: The Inkling turns around before crouching down, resting his left hand over his mouth, and looking away from the screen.
  • No Chill: The idea wipes his forehead with his hand before resting it on his hip, then fanning himself while looking nonchalantly around him.
  • Stuntin’: The Inkling crosses their arms in front of them, points forward while winking, leaps into the air and performs a spin, then lands and squats while resting their arm on their leg.
  • Breakin’: The Inklings dance before stopping and resting their right hand on their chin.
  • Victory Strut: The Inkling sets up four times, elbowing as they do, then punches the air while winking at the screen.
  • Double-Cross Dab: The Inkling hops before crossing his arms in front of him twice, spins quickly in place twice, then finishes with a dab.

Splatoon 3 Chill Season 2022 Emotes

  • You’re Welcome: The Inkling performs a series of three bows. First, they salute and bow theatrically, crossing their right leg behind the other while extending their right arm behind them. This is followed by a wave with their right arm and a more modest bow. Finally, they bow to the screen, extending both arms.
  • All Chill: The Inkling shivers before rubbing his arms and looking side to side before stopping with his left hand on his right forearm.
  • Wave ‘Em Off: The Inkling waves dramatically across the screen with both hands.
  • Who’s next? : The player sits cross-legged and starts drumming his fingers with his hands clasped in a very evil gesture.
  • Robo Steppin’: The Inkling does The Robot, ending the dance by striking a pose.
  • Your move: The Inklings dance before returning to a standing pose and crossing their arms, staring at the screen.

Splatoon 3 Splatfest Emotes

While all of the above emotes can be unlocked and equipped, Splatfest emotes are unique emotes that Inklings and Octolings only perform under certain conditions during scheduled Splatfest events. First, the losing team in a tricolor turf war will fold their arms and nod, which is a unique and unobtainable emote. Second, the winners of a 100x or 333x battle will dance, point to the sky, and then each strike a different pose. No part of the dance, point or hit poses can be obtained.

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