Lunagaron Weaknesses, Resistances & Drops – MHR Sunbreak

Lunagaron Weaknesses, Resistances & Drops

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is a massive expansion that includes many new monsters, such as Lunagaron, which you encounter early on. This Fanged Wyvern is no joke, and you’re surprised when he gets enraged. So, to help you out, here are Lunagaron’s weaknesses, resistances, and drops in MHR Sunbreak.

Below is a legend of the meaning of all the symbols.

All Lunagaron Info and Weaknesses in MHR Sunbreak

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An azure-colored fanged wyvern with an organ that cools the air it inhales, which then circulates throughout its body in a unique form of thermoregulation. It can travel long distances and undergo significant environmental changes, allowing it to occupy a wide range of habitats.

Lunagaron Elemental Weakness in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

This fight needs to use a fire elemental weapon, as Lunagaron is very weak to fire. If you don’t have fire, Thunder is right behind, with Dragon being third. Most of the locations are the same, with a few exceptions like the abdomen when using fire. Lunagaron is immune to Water and Ice.

Lunagaron Weapon Location Weakness in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Blunt weapons are great for breaking Lunagaron’s living ice and should mostly focus only on the head. Cut users’ attention to anywhere else, because it’s pretty much the same thing. Although ammo carriers do fantastic damage when aiming for the head, they shouldn’t do anything but attack the head.

rooms To cut Blunt Ammunition
Head 45 50 45
Torso 30 30 ten
Abdomen 35 35 15
Return 25 30 15
Foreleg 35 35 15
Hind leg 30 30 20
Tail 30 30 25

Lunagaron Status Resistances and Disease Effectiveness in MHR Sunbreak

Like most monsters, Evils aren’t the best thing to use against Lunagaron. They will all work but slowly. It’s beneficial to use anything with Blast and find an Endemic Life Helper to inflict Fireblight, which will constantly cause damage for a while.

Poison Exhaust
Stun fire blight ★★
Paralysis The water burn
Sleep Lightning
Blast ★★ ice burn

Lunagaron Drop Rates – sculpt, capture, break and more in MHR Sunbreak

There are multiple ways to get Monster Coins, but it all revolves heavily around a percentage system, which is ultimately RNG. You can get a rare item or not at all.

  • There are many ways to get items:
    • You can usually trim three times once the monster is dead, but this can change with skills and monster type.
    • All of said monster’s sharp appendages can normally be carved once.
    • Capturing the monster instead of killing it can change the reward percentage.
    • Breaking coins, claws and monster wings increases the chances of getting more coins.
    • By getting the white drops that fall from the monster
    • Earn rewards for completing your quest.
Materials Target rewards Catch Rewards Broken Parts Rewards Carves
Lunagaron Cortex 14% 16%[x2] 20% (Foreleg) 26% (Body)
Shard of Lunagaron 34% 33% 27% (head)
17% (tail)
37% (Body)
Greenhouse Vermilion Luna 23% 27% 50%[x1] (Foreleg)
30%[x2] (Foreleg)
Frostborn Toughfang 18% –% 70% (Head) 23% (Body)
Bluecore by Lunagaron 8% 9% –% 12% (Body)
Mantle of Lunagaron 3% 3% 3% (head)
3% (tail)
2% (in part)
Lunagaron Whip Shell –% 12% 80% (tail) –%

The white drops that fall from monsters you definitely need to pick up as they could be any of the following: Lunagaron Cortex 35%, Lunagaron Shard 50%, Frostborn Hardfang 15%, Lunagaron Bluecore 20%, Lunagaron Mantle 1%, and Large Wyvern Tear 50%.

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