Magma Almudron Weaknesses, Resistances & Drops – MHR Sunbreak

Magma Almudron Weaknesses, Resistances & Drops – MHR Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is a great new experience to play in Monster Hunter Rise. It features returning monsters and upgrades new monsters to become fiercer than ever. But you get access to new armor and weapons after you sculpt them, so there’s always an advantage. To help you in this fight, here are Magma Almudron’s Weaknesses, Resistances, and Drops in MHR Sunbreak.

Below is a legend of the meaning of all the symbols.

All information and weaknesses of Magma Almudron in MHR Sunbreak

Magma Almudron Weaknesses, Resistances & Drops – MHR SunbreakImage via Capcom

Magma Almudron lives in lava caverns, manipulating rocks, unlike the normal Almudron. They secrete a special liquid that melts the ground, allowing them to move freely through the earth.

Magma Almudron Elemental Weakness in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Thunder is the best element against Magma Almudron, followed closely by Fire. All damage slots are fixed for each element, except for the tip of the tail, as each element is exceptionally efficient at hitting this location. However, it’s not worth bringing a water elemental weapon specifically to do extra damage to the end of the tail.

Magma Almudron Weapon Location Weakness in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Blunt damage is best against Magma Almudron, so hammers/hunting horns enter the fray and focus only on its head, ammo users backing them up. Those that do slash damage, focus on the tip of the tail, especially if you have a Thunder elemental weapon.

rooms To cut Blunt Ammunition
Head 55 60 45
Foreleg 40 40 40
Abdomen 40 40 25
Return 25 30 20
Hind leg 21 23 20
Tail 24 24 15
tail tip 50 45 25

Magma Almudron Status Resistances and Ailments in MHR Sunbreak

Zero stars means it is immune to this disease, while three stars means it is very effective against this monster. We don’t recommend using a status ailment against Magma Almudron. Even though anything but Blast can work against Leviathan, it’s best to go for raw damage in this fight. Before starting the battle, find a Mudbeetle (Helping Helper) to inflict Waterblight on Magma Almudron, which will increase all damage dealt.

Poison Exhaust
Stun fire blight
Paralysis The water burn ★★
Sleep Lightning
Blast ice burn

Magma Almudron Drop Rates – sculpt, capture, break and more in MHR Sunbreak

There are multiple ways to get Monster Coins, but it all revolves heavily around a percentage system, which is ultimately RNG. You can get a rare item or not at all.

  • There are a considerable number of ways to obtain items:
    • You can trim three times once the monster is dead, but this can change with skills and monster type.
    • All of said monster’s sharp appendages can normally be carved once.
    • Capturing the monster instead of killing it can change the reward percentage.
    • Breaking coins, claws and monster wings increases the chances of getting more coins.
    • By getting the white drops that fall from the monster
    • Earn rewards for completing your quest.
Materials Target rewards Catch Rewards Broken Parts Rewards Carves
Magmadron Shard 18% 16% 70% (torso)
10% (body)
38% (Body)
Magmadron Cortex 26% 23% 30% (torso)
20% (tail)
27% (Body)
Great Magmadron Fin 17% –% 17% (head)
80% (tail)
22% (body)
17% (tail)
Magmadron’s Hard Mustache ten% –% 80% (Head) 12% (Body)
Magmadron Tail 6% 12% –% 80% (tail)
Infernal Lava Mud 21% 14%[x2] –% –%
Magmadron Mantle 2% 3% 3% (Head) 3% (head)
3% (tail)
Magmadron Talon –% 32% 90%[x2] (Foreleg) –%

By picking up white drops, most often dropped during monster territory battles. You can get one of these items: Magmadron Shard 27%, Magmadron Cortex 28%, Inferno Lava Mud 30%, Magamadron Mantle 1%, Magamdron Hardclaw 10%, and Large Wyvern Tear 50%.

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