Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope penguin locations

When you reach Pristine Peaks, the second world of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, you may notice evasive penguins running around. These aren’t just there for the cuteness factor; they are for a quest called “Hide N’ Squeak”. Mario and his friends Rabbid are tasked with finding three penguins near the sunken ship in the lake.

The reward for completing this quest is the incredibly useful spark, Regenesis. This unique spark will greatly increase any teammate’s survivability. Regenesis, as the name suggests, gives the hero who Teams Regen. When used in combat, it recharges 20% of a hero’s health for two turns, as well as the character’s max HP by 15%, and that’s before you start upgrading the spark.

Regenesis will come in very handy in the long tactical road ahead, so it’s well worth knowing where and how to fend off pesky second-world penguins. By following the steps in this guide, you’ll quickly and easily be on your way to adding a serious upgrade to your arsenal.

How to Start Hide N’ Squeak

To start the side quest, you need to talk to Regenesis Spark near the sunken ship in Pristine Peaks. Once you have started the side quest, you can start collecting penguins.

Penguin 1 Slot

The first penguin and the closet are just north of where the Regenesis Spark is. To the left of the bridge, you’ll see a block of ice that you can destroy by using your Wave Power ability on the ZR button.

Pick up the penguin with the A button and then bring it back to the lake. Face the boat and press A to launch the penguin.

Penguin 2 location

Cross the bridge near where you found Penguin 1. Keep going past the merchant until you are in the open ice cave. Do not enter the cave. Instead, look to your left and you’ll see a sparkling tree where the second penguin is perched. Now you know where to go to knock it out of hiding.

Once you have the second penguin in hand, head back to the lake (should be quite short from your location) and throw the second penguin onto the boat.

Penguin 3 location

This one is by far the furthest and the hardest to reach. First go to the merchant then walk along the path that skirts the lake on the right. Head down the hill, either fighting or running past the enemies, and enter the pipe at the bottom to your left.

From there, smash a stone wall obstacle using your Wave Power. This will allow you to cross a space and use the pipe on the other side to reach the area where the final penguin resides.

This area is full of pipes that only the penguin can access. This will knock you out, so be on your toes to outsmart the little bugger. After capturing the penguin, jump with the penguin in your hands. Turn left and easily throw him into the boat.

To unlock Regenesis, complete a battle after collecting all three penguins. Descend to the bottom of the lake to complete “Top of the Lake,” where you’ll need to defeat three Darkmess Eyes in a single encounter. Afterwards, you will have completed “Hide N’ Squeak”.

And that’s it for the penguin locations. For more Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope tips and tricks, head over to our dedicated guides page for the title.