Miko Era Twelve Myths Codes (December 2022)

Welcome to the animated world of Miko Era Twelve Myths, where you are tasked with raising 12 Miko warriors to defend the world of Akiba City. This colorful mobile MMORPG game takes you on an adventure choosing your class, weapon and mount. Gather your group of handsome warriors and farm EXP, collect gold and tickets and become the greatest Miko Envoy!

Miko Era Twelve Myths codes provide players with in-game currency, as well as many other free goodies. Items such as clothes, weapons, and free EXP will be useful for newcomers to the game, as they will make it easier for them to start the game. If you’re looking for a similar anima adventure on a mobile platform, check out Echocalypse Codes.

All Miko Era Twelve Myths Codes List

Miko Era Twelve Myths Codes (Work)

  • top2022—Redeem for X1 Youthful Days Costume, X200K Gold, EXP Ticket, XP Talisman, and more (New)

Miko Era Twelve Myths Codes (Expired)

  • TestCode123—Redeem for in-game rewards


How to redeem codes in Miko Era Twelve Myths

To redeem codes in Miko Era Twelve Myths, follow the steps below:

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  • Launch Miko Era Twelve Myths on your device.
  • Complete a short tutorial to access the Benefits button. It should appear under your profile avatar.
  • Tap the Benefits button to open the Benefits menu.
  • Tap the Redeem Gift Box button.
  • Enter the code in the field.
  • Press the Claim button.

How can you get more Miko Era Twelve Myths codes?

The best way to make sure you always have more new codes for Miko Era Twelve Myths, follow the game developers Eyougame on their Facebook page @eyougame, their Instagram page eyougame_official and their YouTube channel @EYOUGAME_OFFICIAL. Be sure to bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl + D on your keyboard and never miss any new codes. At hackgames4 we always try to keep our code pages up to date by checking for updates on the internet.

Why aren’t my Miko Era Twelve Myths codes working?

There could be several reasons why your codes for Miko Era Twelve Myths might not work. Codes may be expired. Sometimes developers release codes during certain events such as holidays or milestones. Such codes will generally have a limited lifespan. Always make sure to redeem your codes as soon as possible and never run out of in-game rewards and gifts again! The code may also contain a typo or missing punctuation. Codes can sometimes also be case sensitive. It is always best to copy the codes from the list on the website directly into the game to avoid any mistakes.

What is the easiest class to play in Miko Era Twelve Myths?

Of the six classes to choose from, the easiest class to play in Miko Era Twelve Myths is the swordsman. The combination of skills in this class makes it easy to fight mobs, and after a few wins, you’ll level up enough to snowball quickly. Upgrading each ability will make you more powerful and you will have an easy time after the first two fights.

What is Miko Era Twelve Myths?

Miko Era Twelve Myths is an anime style MMORPG game designed for mobile platforms. In this game, the player will become a Miko Envoy, a great battle boss in charge of protecting the city of Akiba. In their mission to command 12 magnificent Miko warriors, players will conquer enemies and raid dungeons to earn EXP, Gold, Tickets, and resources to build their party throughout the game.

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