Moana’s Fishing Boat Upgrade at Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a magical life simulation game available on PC and Nintendo Switch and free with Xbox Gamepass. Team up with some of Disney’s best characters, with more exciting upcoming characters to follow, as you restore the land of Dreamlight Valley. It’s your job to complete quests, redecorate and rebuild the valley to what it once was. There are plenty of upgrades to do, from Magic Wells and Goofy Stalls to Moana’s Fishing Boat. Each benefits you throughout your journey, offering the necessary materials and ingredients.

How to Upgrade Moana’s Fishing Boat

Following Moana’s questline will lead you on a quest to fix the shipwreck on Dazzle Beach. Once you’ve acquired all the necessary materials, you can rebuild it into Moana’s Fishing Boat, then continue to upgrade it with Scrooge McDuck to make it even bigger.

To upgrade Moana’s Fishing Boat, approach where it is placed in your valley and look for the orange Scrooge McDuck building sign. Selecting the panel will prompt Scrooge to locate you, and he’ll ask if you want to upgrade and tell you how much it will cost.

Why should you upgrade Moana’s Fishing Boat in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Upgrading Moana’s Fishing Boat is a great investment for your Valley. The boat automatically accumulates fish, allowing a constant flow of fish without requiring you to expend energy to fish. This is perfect for cooking dishes that call for fish, gifting other friends in the Valley, or even making extra Star Coins by selling them at Goofy’s Stall.


Moana’s Fishing Boat Upgrade List

After completing the initial quest, you can upgrade Moana’s Fishing Boat multiple times. Each time you upgrade, the boat will contain a greater capacity of fish. However, it will also cost you a significant amount of Star Coins. There are nine total upgrades you can perform so far, allowing the boat to hold up to a total of 20 fish.

Boat Cost max fish
basic boat From the quest 2 Fish
First update 1,000 star coins 4 fish
Second upgrade 2,000 Star Coins 6 Pisces
Third update 3,500 Star Coins 8 Pisces
Fourth update 5,000 Star Coins 10 Pisces
Fifth upgrade 10,000 Star Coins 12 Pisces
Sixth upgrade 20,000 Star Coins 14 Pisces
Seventh upgrade 30,000 Star Coins 16 Pisces
Eighth upgrade 40,000 Star Coins 18 Pisces
Ninth improvement 50,000 Star Coins 20 Pisces

When can you find rare fish on Moana’s Fishing Boat?

You can even catch rare fish with Moana’s fishing boat, like walleye and fugu. However, you will need to max out the fishing boat upgrades to start catching these fish. Fortunately, with each upgrade, the waiting time for restocking fish is less. This means you can get many rare and other fish in five minutes or less.

Prioritizing Moana’s Fishing Boat upgrades is well worth the investment for your Valley, allowing you to have an endless supply of fish to cook and sell. This is essential for your stay in Dreamlight Valley, mainly because catching rarer fish can sometimes be a problem. These upgrades will make fishing easier and give extra coins.

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