Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Beginner’s Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Beginner's Guide

Players old and new may struggle to figure out what they should do first in Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak expansion. MHR gives players plenty of tools to make the grind to Hunter Rank Seven quite easy, but once players hit Master Rank it’s almost a complete reset. A combination of light farming and gaming with the new mechanics is needed to make getting started in Sunbreak a breeze. This is the first thing to do in MHR Sunbreak.

What to do first in MHR Sunbreak

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Monster Hunter Rise veterans and new players alike will find that much of their gear won’t be as viable as Sunbreak’s new gear. Rank eight armor and weapons are available and will have better defense and offense than anything players will have from the base game. Decorations will still be important but Rampage Skills are now replaced with Rampage Decorations and should be used as soon as possible. Players should start their dive into Sunbreak by getting their Master Rank gear as quickly as possible.

What armor is good to start MHR Sunbreak

For players who struggle in combat, the Chainmail X armor set starts with the Defense Boost skill at max. Players who are more confident or have enough defense boost decorations to not worry about in battle can opt for the Kamura Legacy, Hunter X, or Bone X Armor set instead. Kamura Legacy has good defense stats with a good balance of offensive and defensive skills, while Hunter and Bone X Armor sets have higher defense stats and mostly offensive skills. It is highly recommended to upgrade any armor suit players choose, as monsters hit much harder in Master Rank.

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Which weapon tree is good to start MHR Sunbreak

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All weapons will have the default Kamura tree, and players can craft a rank eight weapon almost immediately. Grinding these weapons will not take much time and can be done in Expeditions. Ore and Bone trees are also good choices, but Tier Eight weapons will not be available for all weapons. The materials required for the Kamura tree weapon are all:

  • Eltalite Ore – Eight
  • Tough Claws – Five
  • Awegite – One

How To Find Materials For Rank Eight Gear

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Participating in expeditions is the easiest way to obtain the materials required for armor and weapons. The player’s Palamute Sniff ’em Out ability will make it much easier to find the required materials, giving players highlights on the map for the corresponding collection points. For specific parts of the monster, players only have to fight the monster that drops the material. For the Kamura tree weapon, Tough Claws can be found by fighting most small monsters on any map.

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